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Sailing Pirogiw Maiden Voyage

Sailing Pirogue 3rd and 4th test run - 28 December 2012

Location: Saldanha Bay, South Africa

Last year I have set out a date to sail at Langebaan on the 29th of December. I however took my Sailing Canoe of two test runs the day before at Saldanha Bay, the northern part of the Langebaan lagoon. Apart from having issues with my GoPro battery dieing and GPS not always picking up a satellite signal the test was GREAT. I finally managed to actually sail from Close-hauled to downwind (running) configuration :-). According to my GPS log I manage a cruising speed of around 5 knots with a maximum of 6 knots on the downwind leg. Around 3 knots on the Close-hauled upwind leg.

Unfortunately I did not get to much GoPro footage as the GoPro battery did not seem to be charged properly.

Saldanha YouTube Videos:

Test run # 3:
Test run # 4: © 2012 | | Canoe/Pirogue builder: Mauritz Geyser, South Africa